Local organizations are partnering together to make a global economic impact as The Biz Foundry, Flint Global, and Powered By Her sets off on a whirlwind trip to Nairobi, Kenya. Flint Global is a leading organization in international economic development headquartered in Cookeville,TN which ignites for vibrant living. Powered By Her is a community of entrepreneurial women who seek change by training, mentoring, and providing critical connections related to business, entrepreneurship, and practical skills to inspire others by paving the way for more opportunity in entrepreneurship and business. Both Powered by Her and Flint Global call The Biz Foundry (a regional entrepreneur center) homebase, and after an organic interest was piqued, the two organizations began developing a plan for future work together.

Powered By Her realizes that opportunities exist for expansion within the Kenyan market and will be attending alongside Flint Global to plan and meet with business partners. “Women across the globe face the weight of providing for their families and the desire to grow a business no matter where they are,” said Tiffany Anton, founder of Powered By Her. “I am excited for the opportunity to connect our local market with a larger community to provide inspiration.”

The mission of this trip is to connect the Cookeville community with remarkable entrepreneurs and change-makers around the world. Flint Global, is already operating in Kenya through Jimani Collections. But other individuals, businesses, and organizations right here in Cookeville can collaborate creatively to make an impact that matters both locally and globally. By going on this trip, The Biz Foundry and Powered By Her are taking bold steps to participate in the global conversation about changing lives through entrepreneurship and business. “Working together, Cookeville enterprises will be able to bring to light and amplify the remarkable work of Kenyan entrepreneurs and to empower more East African entrepreneurs to build businesses, create employment, and transform lives, families, and entire communities, all while making our own community right here at home brighter and richer in the ways that matter most,”
stated Flint Global founder Travis Trull. 

This trip is a first step in a journey to connect the small business community in Nanyuki, Kenya with the Upper Cumberland region. There are aspirations for doing a large regional rotary project to help get the Kenyan Entrepreneur Center up and running in the future.

The team will leave on February 17th to begin making connections and building relationships with economic partners in Kenya. To keep track of the team’s journey, you can follow each group on social media, or read along with the blog on poweredbyhercommunity.com. To learn more about Flint Global or to support their mission, visit https://flintglobal.org/. The Biz Foundry is a regional entrepreneur center
and coworking space that offers resources and coaching to small businesses in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. https://thebizfoundry.org/

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