Fairest of the Fair 2013 – Madison Hill Moody

Even a decade removed from the competition, 2013 Fairest of the Fair winner Madison Hill Moody remembers her victory with clarity and enthusiasm.

She beamed, “I was overwhelmed and thankful to have won but overall I was filled with honor and pride. The title is well known throughout Putnam County and I didn’t take winning it lightly.” Moody continued, “I knew I could use my title and my voice to help better the community. Since winning 10 years ago, I still always strive to walk with elegance, show kindness to strangers, and show my love for the community.”

To many children in the Upper Cumberland, Fairest of the Fair represents a major goal, and with it comes the anxieties of competition. Madison was not exempt from the fears and self-doubt that accompany pageants.

“Growing up I always admired each of the queens and thought how graceful they each were. At a very young age, I developed my love for beauty pageants.” Moody continued, expressing her vulnerability, “However, I always thought I didn’t have the confidence it took to compete in Fairest of the Fair. Finally, throughout my years of competing in pageants, I developed the confidence it took to enter the Fairest of the Fair category. It was beyond nerve-wracking, but after hours of practicing, I knew I was ready.”

After being crowned, Madison focused on using her new role for the biggest possible outcome. By leveraging Fairest of the Fair to empower those around her, she has become an ideal example of how the competition, and its winners, can make Putnam County a stronger, more beautiful place to call home.

She stated, “It wasn’t until I won that I truly realized the role that came with being the Fairest of the Fair. At each and every event I attended, I had the opportunity to be a role model for women of all ages. I didn’t know that there would be women throughout the community watching me and considering me a role model. You never know who is watching you and I always strived to be graceful, poised, and kind to everyone I encountered.”

Moody concluded our interview by showcasing a deep understanding of how Fairest of the Fair provides winners with a clear path toward positively impacting the world.

“Beauty on the outside can only shine so far. Inner beauty is what I have always strived to let shine through.”

She continued, “The title of Fairest of the Fair allowed me to further showcase a nonprofit organization that I founded in 2011 at the age of 15. It is called the Miss Fabulous Pageant and it is a special needs beauty pageant for women and men of all ages; everyone’s a winner. This November we will host our 11th annual Miss Fabulous Pageant.”

Madison Hill Moody continues to be an example of what it looks like to wear the Fairest of the Fair crown with elegance, a servant’s heart, and advocacy for those who need it most.

– by Andrew Buckner, photo by Cris Stroud


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