Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

A deep clean is the best way to welcome spring. Our friends at Organize Cookeville are here to let you in on the best tips and tricks for cleaning and organizing the home during your upcoming spring cleaning session!
Let’s be honest, having a clean space does not just cause a physical change, but also a mental change. Having a functional, clean space you are proud of lets your mind relax and enjoy the moments and memories you are creating in your home.



Make bins for “keep”, “donate”, & “trash” Be mindful during this step. Sometimes, the items you think you need or could possibly use are the items causing unnecessary clutter in your home. Being intentional with every item in your home will ensure that the space is functional for you.


During this step, be sure to utilize convenience as well as consciousness. Yes, it is easier to dump everything you don’t want at the local dump. However, there is a real need for donated items in our area. Remove clutter from your home all while contributing to someone else’s. When donating, remove items immediately so you have no regrets! Some of Organize Cookeville’s favorite donation spots are:
– Bethel Thrift
– Goodwill
– Upper Cumberland Foster Closet
– Upper Cumberland Habitat for Humanity

Sort “Keeps”

Once you have a space that contains everything you want or need to keep, you can begin to sort them into respective categories. Some choose to sort according to the item’s designated room or space (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.) while some prefer to sort by the item’s use (cleaning products, utility, toiletries, etc.) 


Bins, Bins, Bins

Check with HomeGoods, Walmart, or Amazon and find bins or baskets that serve a function to your organization. Drawing a quick sketch of chosen space you choose to organize and making a note of what you need in that space will be your best bet for choosing bins that will reduce clutter.


Get Your Family Involved
More hands make light work! If you have school-aged children with their own bedrooms, assign them to their bedrooms to make them functional for them. Assign your husband to the garage if that’s the space they spend their time. As for common areas, involve your kids and partner to make everyone’s lives easier.

Once you have your items organized and in their respective bins or baskets, invest in a label maker or borrow one from a friend. A label maker will be your best friend during this process. Although this step is optional, labeling will prevent future clutter from happening.


Thank you, Jill and Sara for giving us their best tips for your spring cleaning session! For any of your organizational needs, contact Organize Cookeville.
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