Cookeville’s Most Influential People – Amber Flynn-Jared

For Amber Flynn-Jared, success isn’t measured in transactions, profits, or awards. 

This 2023 Influential person, believes a life (and career) well-lived is devoted to investment in anyone who crosses her path. 

In this spirit, she founded the Real Estate Collective (RECO) in 2022 with the express mission of enhancing the lives of its 55 agents/staff and the clients they represent.

“I believe that my purpose, what God has called me to do, is to be a champion of champions. To create an environment where others can become the best version of themselves.” Amber continued, “I look at the agents that I’ve had an opportunity to mentor and how different their lives are in comparison to when we met. If I never sold another house, their journeys would be enough. It’s not because of me, they just needed a space to thrive and someone to believe in them.”

Within five minutes of stepping through the doors of the incredible, revitalized Broad St. space RECO calls home, it was obvious (via the laughter, conversations, and passion on display) that Amber had succeeded in creating an environment of joy, collaboration, and community. 

In an industry often characterized by competitiveness, callous tactics, and remote employees, Amber has taken an alternate route, namely one that puts an emphasis on togetherness and teamwork. 

“My vision for RECO was built on two pillars. Number one, we want to be agent-centric, everything that we do, every decision we make has our agents in mind.” 

She elaborated, “Our second pillar is that we’re community-minded. Currently, there is a huge push to move away from the brick-and-mortar agency model. We’re working in reverse by bringing brick-and-mortar back into small-town USA. We believe that agents thrive when they’re in a space together.” 

Amber’s life, like so many around us, has been marked with challenges, but she views the Real Estate Collective, and her position, as a unique opportunity for giving back through authenticity and service. 

She stated, “Everyone has a story. Even the chapters that you wish weren’t there, if you’re willing to be real about them, will inspire somebody. My entire story is important, not just the victories. For me, I promised the Lord, through some really dark places in my life, that I would not let any piece of my journey be wasted.” 

She continued, “The beauty of life is that you get to define what success looks like.”

“For each of us,” she said eloquently. “I truly believe that the story of success is an autobiography. If you don’t like where the main character is headed, you get to flip the script. I want to create spaces and relationships that leave room for script flipping and course changing.”

Amber is using her influence to make Cookeville a brighter place for all. Her gratitude for the support she’s received was obvious, and we think it’s the perfect ending to this brief look into the life and impact of Amber Flynn-Jared.

“The people of this city have supported me when I needed them the most. Everything we do here, our volunteer work, our collaborative approach, it’s all to give back to this amazing city and the people who also call it home.” She concluded, “We have planted our flag here and want to be champions for the city that’s shown us so much love.” 

– by Andrew Buckner, photos by Cris Stroud


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