John Bell

Meeting the Needs of Cookeville’s Citizens


Cookeville’s Most Influential People – Class of 2022


John Bell has courageously carved a path of hope for the citizens of the Cookeville community. Bell is responsible for directing more than eight programs within the Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation, all of which serve specific groups in need.
John started working within nonprofit organizations after graduating from Tennessee Tech University 18 years ago. “I fell in love with serving the community,” John said. He spent ten years serving as a development director for a food bank in Knoxville that provided for 18 counties before later moving back to the Cookeville area.
John often inspires others through his own commitment to support those in unthinkable situations. He got emotional as he recollected “There was a young patient with terminal cancer.” He continued, “The foundation paid for her sister to come to town and live out her last few months by her side and also supplied them tickets to go see a movie. The movie tickets meant the world to them.”
The people of Putnam County have publicly recognized John as a caring and selfless person who is known for his giving nature. “We are so blessed to have John in our community!” one Facebook comment read in response to a post commending his tornado relief efforts in early 2020. “John is the best! So committed to his community!” another citizen shared.
Creating programs that contribute to the greater good comes second nature to John, and he revealed the secret to his prowess. “I listen. I see the needs of the people, and as I’ve learned the struggles our community faces, I do what I can to help,” he shared. 
You can find John actively participating in events hosted by the CRMC Charitable Foundation, keeping a finger on the pulse and speaking to citizens.
His advice to anyone wanting to contribute to the Cookeville Community?
 “Send letters or cards to those sick in the hospital who are alone,” John adds. “Volunteer, and contribute financially, if you can. Every dollar donated goes directly to those in need. That’s important to us.”
To learn more about the Cookeville Regional Medical Center Charitable Foundation or to discover how you can positively impact the community, visit the Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation website 
 – by Amber Summer
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