On the rocks, with a hint of spice, or in a giant tower, we are listing where to find some of the best margaritas in Cookeville.

Casa Grande – For the Spice Junkie

Casa Grande is certainly a Cookeville favorite. Who can resist their complimentary bean and cheese dip? On top of being a hot spot for Mexican food lovers, the small restaurant in the Kroger shopping center has a killer spicy margarita. Featuring fresh ingredients and red pepper flakes, this one is muy picante and delicious.

Father Tom’s – For the Fresh Enthusiast

The Father Tom’s margarita uses squeezed per order lime juice for a citrus burst. Good silver tequila and just enough triple sec to ease the bitterness of the fresh squeezed limes. If you aren’t into margarita mix, this is the spot for you.

Tennessee Legend – For the Anti-Tequila Drinker

Did you know that Tennessee Legend has a full bar situated inside their distillery? Their extensive list of cocktails make it a must visit spot for a night cap after a delicious dinner at one of our local downtown restaurants. TN Legend’s moonshine margarita is the perfect alternative for anyone that can’t handle (or prefers not to handle) tequila.

Rey’s Mexican Grill – For the Party Goer and Experience Thrillist

When it comes to Rey’s, we can’t choose just one margarita to add to the list. First, there is Rey’s Tower of tequila fun. About 3 pitchers of classic margaritas can fit into the largest margarita towers in town. A bad decision or party (you choose), waiting to happen.

Anyone who has met Rey and his wife Alyssa knows they are the hardest working couple in the biz. They also might be the most profound when it comes to margarita engineering. Rey’s new top-shelf concoction is an experience in a glass. Try to snap a photo of this exclusive option before the bubble pops and creates a smoke show for your table.

The Blue Pig – For the Agave Lover

Blue Pig’s Agave Margarita is balance in a glass. The perfect ratio of sweet and tart is what makes this drink stand out. For those that love the taste of honey and not artificial sweeteners that are in most margaritas, this is the one for you! Grab an Agave Margarita from the bartender and relax on The Blue Pig’s back patio.

Cinco Amigo’s – For the Authentic Margarita Drinker

A favorite among Tennessee Tech students is Cinco Amigos. From the green cactus that stands out front, to the welcoming atmosphere, this is a must visit for anyone who wants an authentic Mexican dining experience. Their classic margarita is delicious and goes down easy.