Everything You Need to Know About the Speakeasy Coming to the Cookeville Square

The 1854 Cocktail Bar & Lounge is set to open in June and is unlike anything Cookeville has seen yet. 

We’ve all seen them. Immaculate cocktail bars complete with fresh ingredients, moody lighting and mystic bartenders whipping up flashy concoctions. But what if we told you instead of traveling to Nashville, Chicago, New York or a similar bustling city you’ll soon be able to experience the elegance right here in Cookeville?  

The 1854 Cocktail Bar & Lounge is currently under construction in Cookeville’s historic square with plans to open its doors by June of 2023.

When the owners of the soon to be hip spot had the idea to open a speakeasy, they weren’t sure they could find a space in a great location. Luckily, a building owner in town was quick to jump at the idea and told the 1854 creators he had the perfect space for them.

Located in the heart of Cookeville’s square in an undisclosed location, the 1,000 sq. ft. space will transport you right back to the 1930s. Complete with antique furniture, velvet curtains, a charred wine barrel ceiling, brass fixtures and a custom curved bar, the creators are sparing zero details when it comes to the aesthetics of the space. 

As far as what will be on the menu, the owners are currently in the experimentation phase for their cocktails. One of the most important factors of their menu is using locally sourced and native ingredients. They plan on having a year-round menu of 6-8 signature cocktails with a variation of different spirits and flavors as well as a rotating seasonal menu that incorporates native ingredients. A smoky or flaming cocktail might also appear on the menu to further enhance the experience.

For those who do not drink, your options won’t be limited to sparkling water, juice or soda. The 1854 Cocktail Bar & Lounge will also have a mocktail menu that will rival your friend’s extravagant cocktails. 

Customers who like to nibble on food while they sip cocktails will have a variety of options from a cold menu featuring hummus plates, dips, shrimp cocktail and other items the owners incorporate.

Curious how the name came about? Further paying homage to the community, 1854 is the year Putnam County was founded. 

The 45-seat house is embracing the speakeasy vibe by keeping their exact location quiet. Customers will have to follow social media for clues on how to find them and they will also have hidden signs leading you to the entrance.  

If you’d like to be on the 1854 Cocktail Bar & Lounge soft invite list, be sure to send them a message on socials.  


  1. Sherron Luhn

    My husband and I would love to attend your soft opening as he makes many special cocktails on his own at home!

  2. Alex

    Sign me up & take my money!😂🤣

  3. Holly Moody

    LOVE this!!

    • Dee Higgenbotham

      Would love to help you open and spread the word!!

  4. tothepointmusic

    Be sure to DM 1854 Cocktail Bar & Lounge on Facebook and Instagram to be added to their invite list!

  5. Sheila dyer

    Love this! Can’t wait to enjoy this new venue!❤️

    • Ingryd

      Looking forward to it !

  6. Carolejoyce

    Use local Art by local Artists please.


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