How Flint Global, Powered by Her and The Biz Foundry are Making a Global Impact

Most people would agree that small business is the heartbeat of America, but many don’t realize that this spirit of entrepreneurship is visible around the globe.

Merging the global and American small business mindsets is an international nonprofit organization right here in Cookeville, TN.

Flint Global started when Travis Trull, founder, and executive director, had a vision for making an economic impact in developing countries. 

Born in Kenya to missionary parents, Travis knew that he loved the Upper Cumberland and wanted to call Cookeville home while still having a powerful influence internationally. With this in mind, he decided to create a global nonprofit based at The Biz Foundry in Cookeville’s WestSide. 

Since launching in 2020, Flint has expanded its reach to 11 countries, positively affecting tens of thousands of people to date.

“These achievements are a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact that can be made when we work together toward a common goal,” said Trull.

To Travis, collaboration is the key to success not only in Cookeville with Flint, but as a universal guiding principle in all he does. When Trull started working toward launching Flint, The Biz Foundry Vice President, Tiffany Anton felt inspiration and joined his cause. Excited by what Flint aspired to accomplish, she was eager to collaborate. In February, the pair along with Flint co-founder Laura Hickman and local entrepreneur Shehla Rooney set off on a10-day trip to Kenya to learn, share, and grow. Rooney was able to meet with medical professionals to gain an understanding of how her medical device would be useful to Kenyans. Anton, also the founder of Powered By Her (a local women’s business initiative) was able to meet with area women and learn how their small businesses are transforming families and communities while making a lasting impact for generations to come.

For Flint’s creator, small business and service is no new venture. After living in Tanzania for five years with his wife and son, he saw how often those living in the region struggled. Determined to alleviate as much of this suffering as possible, he began helping his neighbors and friends generate small businesses to create generational wealth and raise their families out of poverty. Whether starting a farm or making jewelry, the key element was and remains the passion and drive to make changes that rechart financial futures.

As Flint Global continues to grow globally in order to achieve its vision of impacting half a million lives over the next decade, it will continue to call Cookeville, TN, home. Flint Global, The Biz Foundry, and Powered By Her have exciting plans for the future as they aim to launch a women’s mentoring program in Kenya, share resource materials and learnings, and work together to impact lives in both Cookeville and Kenya through the power of entrepreneurship.

– by Tiffany Anton, photos by Tiffany Anton

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