Photo by Abby Weeden

There is a charming new shop on the WestSide, and it is unlike anything Cookeville has seen yet. When former counselor Emma Crabtree decided she wanted a career change, she quickly knew that her new purpose would involve plants. Crabtree saw firsthand through her counseling career that plants can have a positive impact on mental health, and quickly fell in love with educating herself on them.

Photo by Abby Weeden

Enter the Glass Tangerine. When a storefront became available in Cookeville’s historic WestSide, Crabtree jumped at securing the location. She began sourcing fixtures and decor for the shop in January and hand picked every item you see in the Glass Tangerine. From the re-purposed chemistry table from Monterey high school circa 1980, to a vintage claw foot tub, every inch of the new boutique plant store is whimsical and romantic. Crabtree lucked out when store owners Anna and Tyler Dunn (who also own and operate SoulCraft Coffee) discovered original black and white speckled tile flooring under four layers of hardwoods in the shop. Even the welcome mat that reads “drugs” when you arrive at the brick and mortar is original to the building that was initially a drugstore.

Crabtree’s careful and intentional design of the space along with the passion she has for plants, make the Glass Tangerine a magical and unique place.

Photos by Abby Weeden