Movers & Shakers – Justin & Hannah Davis

Four kids, two full-time jobs, a growing roastery and coffee shop, community outreach, and ministry; are just a few things that keep Hannah and Justin Davis moving and shaking.

The Davis’ see their shop, Vertical Coffee Company, as much more than a business.

Justin, a natural in the coffee and roastery world, and Hannah, a talent with an innate knack for public relations and marketing, are a power duo charging forward and finding new ways to use coffee in impactful ways within their community.

Having worked in ministry for years and even sharing their first date at a coffee shop, the pair feels called to serve together through their vocation. They see Vertical as a means to extend their ministry, give back, and care for people.

“Coffee brings people together,” Hannah commented. “The opportunity to acquire the shop combined two things we love, coffee and people. It’s a way we can love people well.”

The pair wants the shop to inspire those who walk through the doors. Daily interactions fuel their customers’ days, not only with caffeine but with smiles and most importantly, a sense of place. 

“God calls us to excellence in a vertical direction, and every day we get this chance to start over. Every day is new, and people can start over each morning with us.”

“This should be the best part, the best start, of someone’s day,” said Justin.

Married for twelve years, Justin and Hannah have learned to set high goals and work well together. Knowing each other’s strengths and skill sets, the pair boasts about each other and remain humble regarding their own talents. They acknowledge how they complement each other, both in business and in their personal life.

“We feed off of each other and balance each other. Where we each lack, the other picks up,” said Hannah. “To be successful, it is best to surround yourself with great people, but it’s especially great when it’s your spouse.”

“His lenses are very different,” she adds when talking about Justin’s vision and his heart for people.

Both of the Davis’ have healthcare experience with Hannah’s coming in marketing and public relations and Justin’s in nursing. This shared background makes caring for and helping people an organic underlying base for everything they do.

“A big part of our mission with Vertical is to bless others,” said Justin. “People remember people, and we want to create common shared experiences and an environment that is about people.”

They also feel called and responsible to create opportunities for their staff and grow a generation of leaders, instilling lessons and experiences that will create a ripple effect of blessing others along the way.

Justin and Hannah also take great pride in Vertical’s reach into other communities through coffee shops across Tennessee and beyond through wholesale roasting.

In addition to working full-time at Washington Avenue Baptist Church and co-owning Vertical, Justin is also pursuing his nurse practitioner license. Once achieved, he hopes to accomplish even bigger goals that combine his love for community and people with his behavioral medicine background. In an effort to put his knowledge and passion to work, Justin hopes to create a local cooperative that offers accessible mental health care and counseling services.

Hannah has a passion project of her own as well. Outside of Vertical and her full-time position as marketing director for Cookeville Regional Medical Center, she leads efforts for Mom Talk Conference, an annual event for mothers to come together in community and be refreshed and encouraged through scripture. Now in its eighth year, the conference features a keynote speaker, breakout sessions, and a space for women to feel enlightened.

These movers and shakers clearly have a vertical vision for the future, for something “greater than,” as their Vertical Coffee Company branding and marketing denotes. They want to share their vision through coffee and community.

“We know we have been given a lot in life, and we have a lot to give others,” said Hannah.

– by Molly Brown, photo by Cris Stroud, styled by Seth Overton


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