Movers & Shakers – Tiffany Anton

When Tiffany Anton arrived in Cookeville in 2013, she had no way of knowing the influence her presence would have on the community.

Now, 10 years later, she helps run a successful local entrepreneurial center, the Biz Foundry, has a podcast that highlights women in business across the Upper Cumberland, and is a vital part of Cookeville’s thriving WestSide.

Fresh off her trip to Kenya to empower women creators there, Tiffany carved out an afternoon to discuss what inspires her and why she has a passion for area entrepreneurs.

“I really love to see business owners become empowered for success in whatever they are doing and reach their potential while feeding their passion along the way.” Tiffany continued, “Being able to hype business creators, encourage founders, and connect local entrepreneurs to the free or low-cost opportunities we have in the Upper Cumberland gets me excited.”

In her role as Vice President at the Biz Foundry, Tiffany seeks to pair the creators, founders, and owners of Cookeville with the resources needed to operate successful businesses in the city. By providing these services, it’s her hope that more entrepreneurs will experience sustained success, locally.

Tiffany stated, “My heart breaks when entrepreneurial ideas end up in the business graveyard. My goal is that we provide resources that help lay solid foundations for new businesses so that the entrepreneurial spirit of the city will remain flourishing, while still retaining the small-town feel that makes Cookeville such a special place.”

As a mother and owner herself, Tiffany seeks to uplift, celebrate, and learn alongside the many wonderful women leaders in the area, while also inspiring her own daughters to achieve their individual goals and dreams. 

Her podcast Powered By Her (and accompanying lunch and learns – in both Cookeville and Livingston), gives voice to the female leadership that currently exists in the area and her hope is it will encourage those considering business ownership to act.

“My vision has been to grow the female entrepreneurial ecosystem of the area through community and inspiration.” Tiffany continued, “Often, those on the fence about starting a small business will be advised to ‘just do it.’ I feel what’s more important is that you realize you’re truly not alone. The resources and people exist in this community to encourage, support, and aid in your success.”

Ten years ago, it was impossible to see how important Tiffany would become to the people and businesses that call this wonderful city home; now the impact is undeniable.

Through teaching, hosting networking environments, interviewing area leaders, and encouraging local entrepreneurs, Tiffany Anton is pushing Cookeville forward every day.

 – by Andrew Buckner, photo by Cris Stroud, styled by Seth Overton


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