Movers & Shakers – Tyrone Carver

If you’ve attended a wedding, prom, or special event in the Upper Cumberland, you probably know Tyrone Carver.

Since 2010, his smiling face and exceptional talent have been on display at hundreds of gatherings in the area.

Tyrone is Cookeville.

He was born here, graduated from Cookeville High School, and was a band member at TTU. 

He’s celebrated countless brides and grooms.

He’s built strong relationships with people and venues across the UC.

Fun fact, while a student at TTU, he even won a drum line National Championship in 1996 with Music City Mystique, a world-renown theatrical percussion ensemble based in Nashville, TN. Incredible, right?

Tyrone Carver’s story has unfolded here in Cookeville, and as a result of his ability and kindness, it’s one worth celebrating.

While a DJ by trade, an occupation which he uses to serve the city through his company Mystique Productions, Tyrone’s real work is encouragement.

“I love being able to put a smile on someone’s face.” Carver continued, “If I’m not able to do that, I’ve not done my job.”

This passion for joy is evident each year as Tyrone lends his skill to Rising Above’s Night to Shine. This prom designed for those 14 and up in the area with special needs works with the Tim Tebow Foundation and Life Church to deliver an unforgettable evening to all who attend.

“It’s one of those events that you have to be there to see and understand. The energy is over the top. Some of the attendees have never been to a prom before,” Carver gushed. “You can see older adults grinning the entire time with light and laughter on their faces. It’s a time for them to let loose, be who they are, and have no fear of what anyone thinks. It’s priceless. You have to see it to believe. It brings chill bumps that don’t go away.”

Tyrone gives back by using entertainment as his medicine. From time spent studying music in high school under David Talbert (a period that sparked his love of Gospel and Jazz), to an internship doing promotion for local radio, he has used a humble attitude and a focus on perfecting his craft to carve out a special place in the community.

 “Cookeville trusts me. I started from the bottom and built faith from the people in this awesome city,” Tyrone said. “Through that process, I’ve learned and adapted to serve each event in the strongest, most versatile way possible.”

The decision to hang his shingle and enter the world of small business wasn’t an easy one, but the choice has paid off. Because of this, Tyrone is quick to encourage other entrepreneurs, especially those thinking about entering the entertainment industry.

“Stick to your dreams. There will be times when you want to give up, but continue moving forward.” Carver finished by saying, “As with any profession, the industry is trending in a lot of different directions, but you can continue to thrive if your focus stays on your work, you push forward, and you keep growing. Keep the faith.”

Tyrone Carver is Cookeville, and we’re so glad he’s here.

– by Andrew Buckner, photo by Cris Stroud

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  1. Kathy Mauk

    What a lovely human being! Thank you, Andrew Buckner, for introducing Mr. Carver to us.


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