Small Business Spotlight – Jamie’s Eats & Sweets

Everyone loves Jamie Lankford. 

She is the bubbly, friendly, fun baker who gleefully provides the people of her community with delicious treats, heart-felt “hellos,” and uplifting conversation.

As the owner of Jamie’s Eats & Sweets, the young entrepreneur sees the WestSide as fertile ground for service, using her craft and kindness to express a sincere passion for Cookeville; the city has returned with affection in kind.

Jamie stated, “Cookeville has supported us in so many ways. First of all, Rodney Laulo, then owner of The Backroom Bistro, gave me guidance, helped me get my name out, and connected me with Hannah and Justin Davis at Vertical Coffee which springboarded my dessert business. This also boosted my name and brand as did side events with Rodney and The Backroom Bistro.” She continued, “Cookeville has supported us, loved what we’ve offered, helped us expand our reach, and pushed us to grow quickly. Different members of the community helped me navigate opening a business, and I’m so grateful for their encouragement and practical advice.”

A native of Hopkinsville, KY, Jamie moved to Cookeville two years ago. In a new town, Jamie’s humble beginnings, passion, and vision quickly materialized into the gorgeous Broad St. storefront Cookevillians see today.

“I entered this world by selling my desserts at The Backroom Bistro part-time, but needed full-time income so I started working on the staff at the bistro. I went home and created Instagram and Facebook profiles to sell desserts which eventually led to having a case at Vertical and Backroom Bistro.” Jamie finished, “From there it grew and blossomed into the shop you see today. I always wanted to own my own cafe, I just didn’t expect it to happen this quickly. I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Jamie’s customer base has rapidly expanded and with it so has her product line. With delectable desserts like cannolis, cinnamon rolls, and specialty cakes, as well as breakfast options, sandwiches, a wide drink menu, and more, sweet tooths, coffee heads, and savory hounds alike are sure to be satiated at Eats & Sweets.

Talk to Jamie Lankford just once, and you’ll immediately recognize her commitment to Cookeville. She deeply cares for customers, views the business as a source of comfort and healing, and pours her spirit, time, and talent into serving everyone who walks through the doors of Jamie’s Eats & Sweets. Beyond this, she’s proud to be listed among the talented business owners of the city’s historic district.

Jamie beamed, “I love the WestSide. The community here is phenomenal. We trust each other and confide in each other while we all seek to grow our businesses in the city we love.”

For those seeking scrumptious food, a warm spirit, and a welcoming environment, look no further than Jamie Lankford and her charming shop.

– by Andrew Buckner, photos by Olivia Merritt



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